Shanti Celeste

YuYu Club

Inicio: 31 de enero de 2020 - 22:30 hrs

Fin: 01 de febrero de 2020 - 04:00 hrs

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Shanti Celeste (Chile // UK)

Viernes 31 de Enero | Puertas: 10:30 PM | Preventa: $250


▪ 📵No-fotos

▪ + 21 años.

▪ SILENCIO al entrar y al salir de Yu Yu, respeten a los vecinos

▪ 🚫Cero tolerancia al acoso sexual


There is something vivacious at the heart of Shanti Celeste's work, a bounce, a swing, an uplifting lilt.

Her career to date has been characterised by a contemporary, U.K. take on the classic Motor City sound. The expansive, emotional visions of the early Techno pioneers are reflected in Celeste's open take to her craft.
Her approach to production has leant her DJing a breath that has earned her a distinct enthusiasm amongst today's electronic music base.
This freedom is reflected on the platforms she shares her craft through - her regular NTS Radio show, and more recently, her label Peach Discs. These outlets provide Shanti with a place to amplify talent she meets, hears and wants to help along the way.
Dancing, and the music that gets us there, exists to uplift, and in her life and work, Shanti is the embodiment of an elevated state.


YuYu Club

Calle Versalles 94, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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